my design and decorating services

So, you need a new chandelier? Or maybe a new paint color in your bathroom? Or new bedding in your bedroom or maybe you need everything new in your bedroom. Maybe your your home's exterior needs a facelift? Maybe you're unsure as to where to start? Maybe you just need help making what you have work. I hear you. I want to know more.

Let's start with a phone chat

This is a 30-minute conversation where you tell me what help you need and I tell you if I can help you and if I think we'll work well together. This is an intimate and delicate service - working with and within someone else's home - there has to be a good match

Next, which service makes the most sense.

I work by the hour - $100/hour. Most of my clients start with a one hour listening session - this I can do in person if you live in the DC area, or via FaceTime if you're outside of my geographical area. This makes sense if you need help using what you have, or if you want general help in creating a plan for the house/room. I also work by the piece - $50-$100/per piece. This works if you want me to source something for you - if you're done online shopping and being blinded by 2000 wall sconces. I'll narrow it to three strong choices in your price range that will work. The pricing is on a curve related to the complexity of the item we're shopping for. Lastly, I work by the room - $250-$500 depending in how much you need in the room we're working on.If you want a general refresh - keeping most of the furniture but changing paint colors, accessories, artwork and smaller pieces then the price is $250. If you want everything new, soup-to-nuts, it's $500 per room. Pricing menus are great but sometimes it's a hybrid of one of the above options.

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