Can I help you?

I serve clients in the metropolitan DC area and elsewhere (virtually) with design consulting and decorating services. My sweet spot is serving clients who struggle making decisions - whether its' a large scale renovation or simply furnishing an existing room. I love to provide a neutral voice during a large reno project, and work with spouses who have a tough time coming to consensus on house purchases. I do color consults and "shop your home" consults and I do provide "second opinions" as well, to homeowners who are unsure how to proceed, having consulted an architect or builder already. I am *most* interested in ensuring clients are heard and make changes to their homes that reflect who they are and how they live. I don't believe in cookie cutter anything, or copying anyone else's home. We are all unique in our needs and what moves our hearts - my strength is working with you to achieve this.

How do we start?


I offer a free 30-minute conversation where you tell me what help you need and I tell you if I can help you and if I think we'll work well together. This is an intimate and delicate service - working with and within someone else's home - there has to be a good match.