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I can’t help it. I love houses.  That’s how God made me. I love working on yours just as much as I like working on mine. I love the details as much as the grand plan. I love the process too. If anything, I want to encourage you to put your time, money and heart into this process because it's worth it. I couldn't do this work without integrating God, His Word and our vocations because there is an intimate connection between the home, our Lord and His call for your life.

i used to be on television.

Many moons ago, I was the on-camera designer for the HGTV hit, "Hidden Potential" for 5 seasons. I did a few pilots for design shows and an episode or two of "Curb Appeal." Before that I did a little QVC here and there. Yes, it was awesome.  Trite as it sounds, I prefer my life post-TV - kids, suburbs, no one caring what my hair looks like. 

i've written two books on the home- working on a third!

I have a lot to say about this topic of making home. My first book is entitled Love the House You're In: 40 Ways to Improve Your Home & Change Your Life. It was published by Roost Books in 2016. My second book is entitled, Revived & Renovated: Conversations on the Intersection of Home, Faith & Everything in Between. It's a collaboration with my dear friend, Victoria Duerstock. It was published by Endgame Press in November 2021. You can learn more about Revived & Renovated, here.


i am self-taught.

Design school and I didn’t hit it off. i left after a year. I have learned on the job through many complex renovations in various homes of my own and those of others. I also designed hundreds of houses during my five-season stint on HGTV's “Hidden Potential.”


i say the word God.

God has guided me, a bit of a broken misfit, on a really beautiful and abundant journey. So it would just be weird for me to hide my faith. He is the reason there is something to read on this page. Also, I believe that our homes are sacred places. I believe it’s the best place for us to express our whole selves - including our spiritual selves.

i am a mother to four kids.

I get how hard it is to have a nice house with kids. Believe me. It is possible, and it doesn’t involve plastic sofa covers or barricades. It is a little bit about embracing childhood from a design perspective. I hate the term "family friendly" and much prefer a design approach that embraces family life.


i like to talk.

Please ask me questions and reach out to me with your house problems, color quandaries, drapery musings and anything else house-related!

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