This is my book. I want to put it into your hands or the hands of a loved one with a personal touch. I love to send my book out with a personal note, and signature, gift wrapped - so whether its for you or for a loved one, you can receive it as a gift, and begin the process of addressing your home, with encouragement and love. The books is divided into three parts - 40 short chapters, each with exercises at the end for you to explore. This is a gentle, introspecitve journey for the home, not a laundry list of tips and tricks. The list price is $18, and I charge $25 to cover my shipping + packaging costs. I can't wait to send you one! This is my own version of prime and includes shipping for US residents. Anyone outside of the US, please email me for shipping rates: 

Love the HouseYou're In, personalized & shipped to you for free!